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Build It: A Six-Monitor Gaming PC

PC Mag - Intel recently introduced its Core i7-970 CPU, a six-core chip that lacks an unlocked multiplier, is slower, and a bit less expensive than the groundbreaking Core i7-980X Extreme Edition. The Core i7-970 has made it possible to construct a top-of-the-line performance PC without going completely crazy in the process. That got us thinking: How many other "sixes" could we pack into a build and still maintain our sanity and some semblance of fiscal discipline? It turned out to be a little easier than we thought—and thus our "Big 6" gaming machine was born.

toaster4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

There is so much wrong with this build...

1. Dual channel memory on a triple channel motherboard.
2. i7 970 is WAY overkill and even with 6 screens you won't get a bottleneck with a quad. You would just be wasting your money on a hexa since games scale poorly compared to quads.
3. 5870 has been demoted to mid-range, I never understand why people want to use one video card to run 6 monitors let alone 3. The GPU load would be split 6fold. You would get piss poor performance, especially on a 5870. If you want to do 3 monitors or more then do CFX or SLI. 6 monitors on one card is just silly.
4. LOL @ PSU. I never use a low tier PSU. If your PSU isn't up to snuff then it will KILL your computer. I learned that the hard way. Never use a no-name brand-less PSU. I only use the best, Corsair.
5. There are much better cases than the A90. Cooler Master 690II Advanced is thee single best sub $100 case on the market right now.

Overall I would rate this build a 6/10, you get good performance but it costs too much. Instead of getting a hexa core CPU, save that money towards another GPU. 4TB is a little overkill unless you have every game on Steam installed at the same time on your hard drive. Also the memory and motherboard choice is a little confusing.. x58 uses triple channel memory, I.E. 3x2GB of DDR3 vs the build they have using 2x3GB.


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