Should Obama's 'internet kill switch' power be curbed?

BBC: Under a World War II-era law, the US president appears to have authority to disconnect computer systems and servers from the internet in the event of a national emergency. But the next US Congress is poised to change that.

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TheColbertinator3788d ago

There is too much power right now for the President in the name of "national security".Digital censorship is what the US government wants and they will use any incident to prove their point.However its getting worse as more pedophiles are caught from internet busts.They justify eliminating rights in the name of "protecting our children".

At the moment when our rights are getting violated,what do want to leave behind for our children? A world where our rights and privacy are suppressed in the name of national security? Or a world where the rights given to us from the Founding Fathers live on and keep our children free?