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More details on the new Playstation phone


Earlier we announced the possibility of a new Playstation phone announced on December 9th. Now more details have been found about the details of the new phone.

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TheLastGuardian3816d ago

Just as I suspected, the Playstation Phone and PSP2 will be totally different.

Hopefully it will be $300 or less with a 2 year contract. I will be fine with either AT&T or Verizon.

ABizzel13815d ago

It should be $199 or $249 with a contract, as most phones are. The problem is who's going to be the carrier(s).

To be honest I'm sick of AT&T, and Verizon isn't much better, and Sprint and T-Mobile just don't have the following of those 2 companies. I just upgraded my phone, so unless they bring out a ton of news in the next 30 days, I won't be getting it. They should have just came out and said it's real, and when they expect it to hit stores.

tubers3815d ago

more interested on how the psuedo 2 nub touch pad works and feels. Still, not gonna be happy if it can't play PSP1 digital download games.