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Hitler planned to invade UK with UFOs

As Hitler's armies began to crumble he turned in increasing desperation to his scientists to create a war-winning super-weapon.

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TheColbertinator3819d ago

The Nazis created an impressive war campaign will still has impressed weapons experts to this day.Their advancements in technology was at least 10 years ahead of Great britain and the US by the end of the war.

The Matrix3819d ago

Exactly. Had Germany not made a dumb decision and attack Russia early the whole world would be speaking German right now.

Bolts3819d ago

If you're looking at Germany's decision to attack Russia through the lens history then yeah it's dumb.

But if you're Hitler and it's 1940 with a veteran and near unstoppable army in it's prime vs a downward spiraling communist state intent on destroying it's military leadership from within, then it's a perfect time to strike.

michass83819d ago

Germany during the war had huge amount of scientist. But in perfect world all this inventions should be used for peaceful missions. Millions of peoples died because of Hitler and his sick ideas...

Apollyn3818d ago

Millions more people die because of holy books

HelghastGeneral3819d ago

Germany in 1940's must of pushed their colleges and students to exclusively only study math and every type of engineering and nothing else.