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Stadium to generate it's own power

The Philadelphia Eagles are going "off the grid" when it comes to powering the team's South Philadelphia home. The green upgrade will be clearly visible and the first of its kind for a sports stadium.

The plan is to spend $30 million to create a self-supporting power system for the Linc. Lee Maher of the company Solar Blue describes what it will take to power the stadium.

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michass83822d ago

we need more that kind of projects. it will pays off in the future.

Syko3822d ago

The fact that these type of things aren't implemented when they build these Billion dollar stadiums is beyond me. I mean all of them have some cool tech and design, but with the kind of money dumped into stadiums they could probably at the very least power themselves or even provide power back into the grid itself with a little ingenuity.

Captain Tuttle3821d ago

Agreed. I always thought that there was a huge missed opportunity with the rebuilding of New Orleans after Katrina. They should have set aside a couple of grand for each house that was rebuilt with Federal money for a solar panel on the roof. It would jumstart the solar panel industry and put some energy back into the grid.