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Japanese Vending Machine suggests choices with facial recognition


A Japanese vending machine uses facial recognition to suggest choices to consumers. The machine will suggest products from its selection based on the persons gender and age. For example is a 50 year old man approached the machine it may recommend a green tea, if a younger man approached the machine it may offer them a canned beverage, and a younger woman a tea or sweet drink.

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TheColbertinator3831d ago

Japanese vending machines are in the future now.They sell beer,underwear,office supplies and hot food instantly.Its amazing how much Japanese companies work to make sure everything is easily available from your nearby vending machines.Next up,vending machines that sell tampons and condoms.

Cat3830d ago

haha, I actually can't tell if you're joking about the tampons and condoms!! (since those are for sale in restrooms already) :P

mjurek3830d ago

Well he means actual electronic versions