Tests show many Blu-rays no better than DVDs

Which? Convo: Is high-definition all it’s cracked up to be? Not on many Blu-ray movies as it turns out. Despite the routine claims that Blu-ray delivers ‘the maximum HD experience’ some barely look better than their DVD counterparts following our vigorous lab tests.

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MaximusPrime3824d ago

well that doesnt stop people from getting Bluray

techie3824d ago

Sure. But how can we tell between the good ones and the rubbish ones? Isn't it a rip-off if they're just expensive DVDs?

TheColbertinator3824d ago

The upgraded quality isn't to much but its noticeable so thats the selling point blu-ray makers use

snoop_dizzle3824d ago

It really depends on the film and how it's transferred, and it has improved from when Blu-ray was in its infancy. This sometimes was/is due to budgets though, which you'll notice depending on the significance of the film. Back then a lot of older films didn't look too great as they could, or they were just lazy. When it comes to content like Planet Earth or Pixar films though, there is a big difference especially if you have a good display.

But keep in mind, it's not just video, but audio as well, though you will need a decent sound system.

Now in the UK I'm not sure prices on Blu-ray, but over here in the states, prices have come down a lot and there are frequent sales, so over there it may not be worth buying Blu-ray all the time, but over here it seems the prices hover around or just over DVD prices a few years ago.

Plus with Netflix, I rent a lot of Blu-ray, then buy movies from time to time, so the cost has never really been an issue for me, or many other people. Is there a solid British equivalent to Netflix over there?

techie3824d ago

Snoop knows where its at. I just hate seeing studios cash in on Blu-rays when they don't make the effort.

arjman3823d ago

It's a games, movies, music rental service if that's what you mean?

In regards to the prices, newly released movies seem to cost (in store) about £12-£20 so $19-$30 dollars. Older movies generally retail for less than $19 and online you usually find much better deals as most stores love to rip you off :D

TABSF3823d ago

Blu-ray is a storage media no different to USB pens, SD cards or Hard drives.

If they could make a 3.25" floppy that supported 25GB and had read speeds of up to 25MB/s and beyond its will equal Blu-ray

GodsHand3823d ago

Well after reading the article, the same satement can be made of DVD's looking like a VHS cassette in picture quality. The current blu-ray movies I own are new release's of movies that came out around the time blu-ray came into the picture. So the only compliant I have is when you see (forgot the trem used in the industry) a dark blue (or whatever color) gradually turing into a lighter blue (or whatever color) but it does not just blend, you see stepping, or layers of the color trying to blend.

The plus side of blu-ray, is the storage capcity, I like the idea of watching an HD movie, with out having to flip the disc over, or insert a disc 2 to finish the movie, like on some DVD's.

techie3822d ago

Yep, there are of course rubbish DVDs too.

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