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A car that's also a boat, airplane, and helicopter

Pushing the envelope of automotive creativity, British concept designer Philip Pauley has penned a vehicle that wears a lot of hats, so to speak, and uses attachments to become a boat, plane, or helicopter.

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Pandemic3838d ago

Wow, the way each thing is designed is amazing, the helicopter especially looks great.

SandWitch3837d ago

Agree with Pandemic, quite nice designed concept

michass83836d ago

the steering might be interesting... good concept but will the 'b' category driving licence do :D

doctorstrange3836d ago

Still, its annoying the car can't do all these things without all the 'peripherals' which slightly defeats the point

michass83836d ago

it might turn hard to find a space for all this 'attachments' in your garage :D

doctorstrange3836d ago

I was hoping that it could transform and do all those things 'out of the box' rather than having to carry everything with you in a fleet of trucks