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TechSpot: Cooler Master HAF X Case Review

The HAF 932 had no major pitfalls, and now almost two years later it's still one of the best full tower cases money can buy. Given its sheer success, Cooler Master decided to cash in on the HAF brand by releasing two mid-tower versions that are more affordable. We reviewed both, and while they are decent options, they inevitably felt like cheaper, cut down versions of the original.

But when Cooler Master announced the new HAF X as the new flagship model of its "High Air Flow" line, they had our immediate attention as we wondered how they could have improved the 932's formula.

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toaster3817d ago

One of the best cases out there in terms of features. The looks are a love it or hate it deal, I know a lot of people who think it's an abomination and some people who thing it's godlike. I personally love Cooler Master cases and have a few of my own. This is one hell of a case though. 9 expansion slots is BEAST, good for EVGA Classified SR2 or Gigabyte's UD9 boards. The price isn't bad actually considering Lian Li cases can go for upwards of $500 with half the features of this case. HAF series also has some of the best ventilation in any case, period.

INehalemEXI3816d ago

Looks like something off Galactica too, pretty frackin cool.