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Why Kindle Will Make Books A Thing Of The Past

E-Readers have been around for a while now, with the original Kindle appearing back in 2007 and other competitive ereaders surfacing from the likes of Sony and Nook.

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michass83818d ago

simple for me: huge collection of books in a small device. if you want to make your kids a real 'book' readers buythem an e-reader :D

doctorstrange3817d ago

My bookshelf is an overflowing mess, compacting it into a small device makes perfect sense. Although, I'd recommend not giving kindle to kids - sticky fingers = electronicide

blur993817d ago

Kindle and other E-readers are great and convenient.
However I hope they never replace books.
Curling up with a book is a great feeling.

Scenarist3817d ago

I cant say replace but I think they may become the primary and books become the alternative , if that makes sense.

I know they will eventually cut books sales like digital music did to CD's
Including piracy.

michass83816d ago

good for students as well. all books in one single device... if they add editing or 'copybook' options that would be even handier. do you remember those heavy backpacks with tonnes of papers inside... ? :D