Altec Lansing Octiv Duo (202) speaker dock review -Engadget

If you frequent small house parties like us, chances are you would've witnessed the many occasions where guests take turns to hook up their iDevices to the speakers; if not, just picture yourself fighting your flatmates over your communal HiFi system -- Altec Lansing claims that on average there are 2.2 portable audio devices per household, and they're most likely iPods. Naturally, a dual-docking speaker -- which is nothing new -- would somewhat ease domestic tension and reduce interruption to the tunes, but think smarter: what if you could let music alternate between the devices, as well as having the ability to instantly change the amount of play time on both persons' music libraries? Better yet, what if the speaker doubles up as an alarm clock?

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Altec Lansing's SmartStream speakers are another Sonos alternative

Altec Lansing's new speakers stream music over WiFi with Google Cast and Spotify Connect.

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Altec Lansing’s BoomJacket Speaker offers up 40 hours of Portable Playback

Altec Lansing knows speakers, and some of their products can take a real beating like the Life Jacket. The BoomJacket speaker is their latest creation, and it is just as rugged as its predecessor while offering up double the battery life.

The Altec Lansing BoomJacket speaker is tough, but not just the regular kind of tough that lets you drop it from waist high. The portable speaker has a rubberized skin that helps absorb any bumps it might take, while also helping it obtain the IP67 waterproof rating. Rain, dust and dirt are no match for the BoomJacket, and its size (7.5” x 3.123” x 2.825”) makes it easy to tote around.

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Pocket-Lint: Altec Lansing 'The Jacket' Bluetooth speaker pictures and eyes-on

Pocket-Lint: When we think of Altec Lansing it's car tech that immediately comes to mind. But things are a-changin'. Having just been acquired by an investment company, Altec Lansing was showing off some concept audio devices at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

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