Pocket-Lint: HTC Desire HD vs HTC Desire

Pocket-Lint: Both the HTC Desire HD and original HTC Desire were certified as Pocket-lint Hot Products after rigorous inspection from our reviews team. While there's no doubt that one is a more up to date and spec-wise superior handset, the question is: how much better is it? Sitting there with cash in hand, is it worth shelling out the extra on the HTC Desire HD or is the experience just as good on the straight Desire? Would you be best off going cheap and biding your time for the next upgrade instead? With the current market difference around £100, Pocket-lint investigates.

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michass83814d ago

The battery life is better on the HTC Desire than on the HTC Desire HD (1400 mAh in htc desire and 1230 mAh in desire hd. Smaller battery and bigger screen... this might be a big issue.