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The GeForce GTX 580 mystery is clearing

Nordichardware: GeForce GTX 580 will most likely be the most powerful single-GPU graphcis card on the market in 2010. Now that we have the complete specifications for NVIDIA's GF110 GPU it becomes clear that NVIDIA is attempting to do what it failed to with GTX 480 - going all in - to win the performance war against AMD.

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toaster3820d ago

Looks like history is repeating itself. AMD has always been first to the market with new tech, but falls short on performance. nVidia has always released products after AMD, but always have better performance. Raw power is the GTX 580's middle name.

likedamaster3819d ago

So in other words, they're squeezing out the last bit of power from the 480 and calling it a NEW card? No thank you. Better off making it a 480 Ultra or FTW version.

Theonik3818d ago

I was about to say that. Nothing wrong with that really. The Fermi architecture is really good, if they use the better chip from the 460 on a high end card it should be great.