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ASUS GeForce GT 430 Overclocking Performance (BmR)

Benchmark Reviews: When the GT 430 platform was released in desktop cards, Benchmark Reviews brought you a review of the performance of the ASUS ENGT430. The GF108 Fermi GPU was released by NVIDIA to provide a new set of media GPUs capable of providing excellent quality movie and video playback, as well as the possibility of watching and enjoying 3D media. Our review of the ASUS ENGT430 showed that it could also play most mainstream games, and some more advanced games with the settings turned down really low. In this article, Benchmark Reviews returns the ASUS ENGT430 to bring you a little more information about this new card. We will be taking a look specifically at temperatures, power consumption, and overclocking, as well as looking a little closer at the ENGT430.

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