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KDDI crafts gorgeous see-thru designer phone with LED sub-display and dual-mode radios

Engadget: KDDI launched a wave of new phones this morning, but this is the one we really want to hold -- it's called the X-RAY, and it's one of two new products in the company's iida designer brand. Crafted by Tokujin Yoshioka, it's a high-end Japanese clamshell with a 1-Seg TV tuner, NFC payments, and an 8 megapixel camera -- you know, the usual -- but with a translucent case (also available in blue and black) that leaves nothing to the imagination.

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comancsm3833d ago

Even though i like smartphones, i would love to own one of these

comancsm3833d ago

When would the major companies start making one of these?

Adu883833d ago

neahh..smartphones rules..i own a Samsung Galaxy S and it's the best phone ever!

comancsm3833d ago

I know that, but the design of Galaxy S isn't as awsome as x-ray's design. I was talking about looks

GodsHand3832d ago

That red design reminds me of the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Other then that, a transparnet cover, is not anything special, I am sure if you are willing you could purchase one for your current phone, but would have to pay a premium price, but then I am sure said manufacture would just mass produce them and sell them anyway, void warranty at your own discression.