8 Million Dollar iPhone 4 Created by Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes is a well known jeweler from the UK, who crafts unique and very expensive models for the most popular gadgets on the market.

His last work is an iPhone 4 covered in diamonds and platinum worth about 8 Million Dollars.

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comancsm3262d ago

How rich must a man be to afford an $8 mil phone?

fatstarr3261d ago

Imagine if you bought this and the screen broke because after all its still an iphone lol so its subject to things like that.

AuToFiRE3261d ago

and not care to lose it lol

Adu883262d ago

OAU..with 8 mil he could help the needy people..that is just sick..

Jerk1203261d ago


That's the 'rich' for ya.

And that's why we need to tax the fuck out of them.

comancsm3262d ago

there are only 2 available in the world

Adu883261d ago

he could have just gotten an iphone 4..and use the rest of the money for bill gates and warren buffet who have donated lots of billions for poor people..

comancsm3261d ago

:)) The device wasn't sold yet

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