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Ripten Review: Nvidia GeForce GTS 450

Ripten writes: "When the high end 400 series of Nvidia GPU’s (460-480) were released earlier this year, they were received with unanimous praise by the PC gaming community. However, not everyone needs a high end, high price GPU to satisfy their gaming needs. Enter the GTS 450, one of Nvidia’s lowest price fermi cards (around $130) ever created. Can this budget powerhouse really be a solid contender? RipTen ran it through it’s paces to find out."

TheGameFoxJTV4727d ago

Still think it takes 1,000,000 dollars to do more than a console kids? Around $130.

TABSF4726d ago

I would still through in £50/ $75 more and get GTX 460 :)

CrzyFooL4727d ago

Great bang for the buck. Totally owns the 5750.


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