Engadget: Sony's Internet TV (powered by Google TV) first hands-on!

Engadget writes: We just laid our unworthy eyes on the new Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV (boy is that a mouthful) and it looks exactly the right sort of modern. We got a quick chance to play with the remote and it definitely appeals to the nerd within us -- it's nice to hold and use, although the optical mouse pad in the upper right corner was pretty wonky on the units we tried. (Sony chalked it up to RF interference, but we'll have to investigate further.) We'll be updating you with some video so stay tuned!

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doctorstrange3524d ago

I'm still not sold on that god-awful remote, it has way too many buttons

Captain Tuttle3523d ago

Seems very rushed. That remote is awful, there's no way the average Joe will go for this. It looks like too much work.

doctorstrange3523d ago

What on earth were Sony thinking? Very weird