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Energizer AP1201 case for iPhone 4 charges while it protects

Engadget: You know what we always say: never enough battery life. Energizer's new AP1201 case for the iPhone 4 should come as a welcome addition to your Apple gadget family. As a slim, protective case of silicone rubber it's not completely offensive looking (if fact, it's pretty attractive), and it charges your phone while it's wearing it.

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Leaks Show That iPhone 12 Series Design Could Look Similar To iPhone 4

According to Apple, they are working on making exterior design of iPhone 12 better. Jin Store has got the drawings as well as the moulds from case makers.

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Energizer's 18,000 mAh phone-battery-thing thing fell flat on Indiegogo

Was it all just a guerrilla marketing stunt gone wrong, with some bright spark at Energizer coming up with the ill-fated campaign?

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level 3601817d ago

Where to fit in which pocket..

fr0sty1816d ago

Why does a multi-million dollar company need to put anything on indiegogo?


Low Battery Life Not an Issue for Energizer’s New Ultra-Thick Smartphone

Energizer reveals the P18K Pop during MWC 2019, a new phone that comes with a 18,000 mAH battery pack, but it also absurdly thick.

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