Inventions Ease the Plight of Trapped Miners

WSJ: "The 33 Chilean miners who have been trapped deep underground for eight weeks watch movies on a projector built into a cellphone. They avoid athlete's foot and other infections thanks to socks made with a bacteria-killing copper fiber. And they communicate with rescuers and relatives over an ultra-flexible fiber-optic cable that maintains transmission capacity while twisting through hard rock nearly half a mile below ground.

Smart application of technology has made life underground more tolerable for the miners, who have been buried beneath 2,200 feet of rock and earth since a cave-in on Aug. 5. Rescuers are using three different drills to bore shafts to reach the trapped men; one of the drills is making exceptionally rapid progress, raising hopes the miners could be brought back above ground in October rather than the government's stated goal of November."

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