Good Gear Guide Review: Apple iPod Nano (sixth generation)

GGG: "The iPod Nano, now in its sixth generation, has received a hefty facelift. Gone is the long, slim design of the fifth-generation Nano along with the traditional click wheel control system. The new Nano has been made 46 per cent smaller and 42 per cent lighter, according to Apple, and for the first time possesses a touchscreen display."

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Apple to re-ignite the iPod brand with new release

Apple have been recently neglecting the iPod brand by killing off various iPods from their lineup such as the iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

The only iPod that remains standing today and is still sold by Apple is the iPod Touch series. Since launch, we have seen 6 iterations of the iPod Touch device which has evolved over time.

Rumours are however now circulating during CES 2019 with suppliers hinting at the fact that Apple is to re-ignite the iPod brand with a new iteration of the iPod touch.

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deadman1211874d ago

So what do you guys think, is an Apple iPod something you may be interested in today? Or should Apple let this die once and for all.

deadman1211874d ago

Also, hope this has a 3.5mm jack built-in. Knowing Apple though I'm expecting we will be stuck with an adapter.

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1874d ago Replies(1)
deadman1211874d ago

@cookiemonster44 - can't reply to your latest comment but. At least the iPod won't be prone to having a jack issue which does occur on some of the older iPod devices.

demonicale1873d ago

Wouldn't be interested to be honest.


Apple Puts A Stop To The iPod Nano Replacement Program

Apple launched a replacement program for the iPod Nano 1st Generation back in 2011, a bit strange considering this model was released in 2005 – meaning there was a 6 year delay in launching such program. The reason for the launch of this replacement program was that Apple realised that under certain circumstances albeit rare – the battery can overheat and be a potential safety risk (basically explode!).

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deadlydragon1212599d ago

A Nano 7th for Nano 1st? Nice swap out, wish I had one of these old iPods lying around!

deadman1212598d ago

Might be worth keeping it, bet everyone who had one send theirs off to Apple by now! Then again it is a safety risk... Don't want another Galaxy Note 7 issue on our hands.

hirobrotagonist2597d ago

I literally got my replacement nano right around the time they discontinued the program! I feel pretty lucky.

deadlydragon1212597d ago

Lucky guy, did you get the lightning adapter?

KingPin2597d ago

"The reason for the launch of this replacement program was that Apple realised that under certain circumstances albeit rare – the battery can overheat and be a potential safety risk (basically explode!)."

wait so apple knew people were buying a product that could possibly explode and offered no course to reimberse the customer forcing him to buy a new one instead of keeping the few customers it would happen to happy. just shows you what they think of their fanbase.

deadlydragon1212597d ago

I think they figured it out later on... Which is a bit weird so long in its life. But they don't force you to buy a new one, they swap the old one for the latest model for free of charge. Although that has now allegedly stopped!

DeadManMMX2596d ago

Somehow never heard about this before I read this article 2 days ago. Have been using my Nano 1st generation for working out for years. Called Sunday night and got bumped up to a senior advisor and they said they couldn't help me. Decided to try again in the morning and BAM sent it away yesterday all postage paid and waiting for my new 7th Generation. Wooooo


Apple's iPod Lineup Gets A Massive Overhaul

Apple releases The Next Generation of the iPod Touch along with new colours in the iPod Nano and Shuffle

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level 3603153d ago

To do battle again with iRiver/Astell and Kern and other android DAP's.