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Install a Front-Facing Camera on a Samsung Galaxy S Phone

Lifehacker: "International Galaxy S and Sprint Epic 4G phones have a handy front-facing camera, but other Galaxy S users aren't quite as lucky. The phones are similar enough, though, that you can install one yourself."

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Syko3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

This will be done...Just need to find a better place to buy the FFC for my Vibrant. Minimum order of three from the recommended site is ballz =/ I only need 2 for me and the wifey's phones.

fatstarr3158d ago

the same dilemma happened on the omnia...
USA networks suck and just cant handle the epicness of front facing cameras over a network yet. but pretty cool - the voided warranty.

Syko3157d ago

Initial assessment reveals no warranty voiding stickers you have to get through to expose the phones board. Also the rooting process on this phone is easy enough to revert to stock if the need ever arises. So the warranty should be good still "technically"

On top of that T-Mobile associates aren't the most 'tech savvy' people on the planet...They are often younger kids looking for a deal on their cell phone bill in addition to their paycheck ha ha =)

fatstarr3157d ago

wow i may consider rooting my phone then. it was a dreadful process on windows mobile... hopefully when i get my galaxy i will be easier.