Why I dumped my Droid

ZDNet: "I wanted to love the Droid X. I really did. The specs are awesome, and it got rave reviews from friends and colleagues, who overwhelmingly recommended it as the best of the Android phones. Even Paul Thurrott enthused about his Droid X, calling it “hands-down superior to anything designed in Cupertino.” So I picked one up from Verizon, secure in the knowledge that I had 30 days to decide whether to keep it or send it back.

Initially, I found a lot to like about this device. But two full weeks of carrying it around the Western U.S. on an assortment of business and pleasure trips was enough for me to decide, with no hesitation, that for me, Droid doesn’t cut it.

What went wrong?"

Captain Tuttle4634d ago

20 apps started by default on the phone. That's crazy.

And regarding his battery dieing while using it as a GPS, that's why they invented the car charger.

CptBach4634d ago

And the search continues...

He works for Microsoft

I already know that the search will end at Windows 7 mobile regardless of its actual performance

He's trying to push (potential) android people to WinMo