A True Story of Identity Theft

Alex Cronk-Young writes: I met Chris under the name J. Cosmo Cohen, writing at -- a site that advocates for everyone to use their real names. It was only after getting to know him for quite awhile that he confessed to having lied about his real name, but he had genuine reason to. Cosmo (As everyone calls him now) had his identity stolen, and naturally has been a little wary of giving out personal information ever since. After I talked to Nick Gates about paranoia in the digital world, I thought it would be an interesting follow-up to ask Cosmo some questions about the event that probably forever changed his outlook on life.

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fatstarr4398d ago

very interesting i can refer people to this when they think i am on a conspiracy theory rant.

acronkyoung4397d ago

Glad you liked it. Even being the one asking him the questions, I find it hard to scare myself into being more careful on the Internet. Never seems like it can happen to you.

fatstarr4397d ago

its crazy that you can crack down a ssn to breakable numbers once you get a small detail like state birth.