Chemical engineer unveils 'spray-on' wool T-shirt

GGG: The Fabrican was developed by Manuel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer, and Paul Luckham, a chemical engineer at Imperial College London, who together built the start-up company Fabrican for their product.

The material is sprayed on from either a high pressure spray gun or a can. It consists of short fibers, a polymer (the glue that binds it together), and a solvent to keep it in a liquid form in the can.

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Pen Pooh4912d ago

That's just.... weird. It looks like they're using a can of whipped cream.

GodsHand4911d ago

Could be flamable-in-a-can.

grumpysmurf4912d ago

I guess it would be handy if you woke up naked after a big night out...

HeroComplex4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

Wow grumpysmurf, that comment had me rolling. It takes a lot to make me laugh at a comment.


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