Google's Internal Security Breach Raises Questions About Trust and the Cloud

ReadWriteWeb: "Gawker reported earlier this week that David Barksdale, a 27-year-old Google engineer used his internal clearances to access users' accounts, including the information of four minors. "It's unclear how widespread Barksdale's abuses were," says Gawker, "but in at least four cases, Barksdale spied on minors' Google accounts without their consent, according to a source close to the incidents. In an incident this spring involving a 15-year-old boy who he'd befriended, Barksdale tapped into call logs from Google Voice, Google's Internet phone service, after the boy refused to tell him the name of his new girlfriend, according to our source. After accessing the kid's account to retrieve her name and phone number, Barksdale then taunted the boy and threatened to call her."

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