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The wristwatch will rise again

GGG: Conventional wisdom says people don't wear wristwatches anymore -- especially young people. The story goes that because we now have cell phones, we no longer need to lash anything to our wrists.

But that's not what's going on. Wristwatches have been coming in and out of fashion for centuries -- a trend driven by technology. And soon, technology will bring the wristwatch back to an arm near you.

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Captain Tuttle4343d ago

I'll take a nice, sturdy TAG Heuer anyday. Just tell me the time and date.

Dasteru4343d ago

Im 22 and i always use a watch when out of the house (not that i leave the house often) blunt honesty aside, I find it easier to look down at my wrist when i need to know the time then too take my cell out of my pocket, especially if im in the middle of something else at the same time.