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BmR: Zalman VF3000A VGA Cooler Review

Benchmark Reviews: Zalman is one of the oldest names in PC cooling products, and they've had some star performers over the years. They have always had a line of graphics card cooling products that compliment their CPU coolers. The GPU cooler market is more stable, and much less diverse that the CPU marketplace, for a number of reasons. Zalman has been a strong and steady presence as the power density of graphics processors has been steadily rising. There is a lot of competition on the OEM front for GPU coolers, as manufacturers try to differentiate their products in the video card marketplace. It's one of the key design elements that we look for at Benchmark Reviews. Into this power struggle, Zalman has just launched a whole new product line of aftermarket VGA coolers that will work with a wide variety of video cards. Today, we're going to look at the VF3000A model, which is specifically designed to mate with the ATI Radeon HD 58xx series of graphics cards.

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