New Xbox 360 Bundle Includes Kinect, 250GB Hard Drive

Kotaku: Microsoft has tonight officially revealed a new Xbox 360 hardware bundle, almost a month to the day it was inadvertently leaked via some packaging shots.

Syko4965d ago

Just pulled the trigger on this over at Newegg.com, I have been waiting for this bundle as we all knew it was coming eventually (Especially after it leaked lol) but I will gladly save the $50 and finally buy a 2nd 360 console since the last one I purchased was on November 22nd, 2005...Of course I had to have it repaired for free 6 times but it was free so "meh". Will be nice to have a new 360 that I know will not die under normal use "Eventually" ha ha. My son should really enjoy Kinect as well.


Microsoft’s Kinect Finds New Life Helping Parkinson’s Patients

NRM: "A team at Brunel University London has developed a new system, which helps people with Parkinson’s disease overcome debilitating walking problems."

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Use your Kinect as a webcam thanks to a new update

Your Kinect just got a bit more connected. This weekend, Microsoft announced two major new updates to its popular sensor, making good on old promises.

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2711d ago

Microsoft Ends Production of XBox 360, Online Servers to Remain Active

GeekDiscover: Microsoft has announced that the production of new XBox 360 will be stopped with immediate effect while the online servers will still remain active.

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BLow2913d ago

Oh, boy I can imagine how this thread will turn out. I'm kind of surprised by this news but then I'm not because....well....
Grabs popcorn.....

PhoenixUp2913d ago

Xbox 360 had a good run. I thought Wii would be globally discontinued before this happened.

2913d ago
hduce2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

It's sad to see it go but some good things must come to an end. I met a lot of good people who have become longtime friends on the Xbox 360.

Tzuno2913d ago

I hope they will not abandon the manufacturing of X360 controllers, i find them the best.