Edifier Prisma Speaker System Review

James Joell-Ireland from wedotech.net writes"Here at We Do Tech, we have the opportunity to check out the Edifier; Prisma multimedia speaker system. We'll start with what Edifier say about there unique looking system....

An exotic looking pyramid-shaped subwoofer with super fashionable satellites from Edifier, the Prisma is a fashion statement in any home.

An audio and visual delight, the Edifier Prisma speaker system is a treat for your eyes and ears.

The exotic looking pyramid shaped subwoofer and satellites will complement modern PC and monitors styles, while the glossy white finish will suit contemporary homes.

With hi-tech crossovers for the new anti-resonant material satellites and a down-firing subwoofer driver, the sound is superb.

The ergonomic, wired, low profile control means that adjusting the volume is easy, whilst the built-in headphone and MP3 jack offer flexible listening options."


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