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SlashGear: Sleek Audio SA7 and SA6-R “ears-on”

SlashGear: We’re big Sleek Audio fans here at SlashGear, and we’ve known the company has been cooking up something special for the past six months or so. That project – the new flagship Sleek Audio SA7 in-ear monitors – has come of age just in time for IFA 2010, along with their upcoming refresh of the original SA6‘s, in the shape of the SA6-R (where the “R” stands for “Reference”). We jammed the carbon-fiber and machined aluminum SA7′s into our ears for a preview.

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Sleek Audio terminates agreement with 50 Cent, puts over-the-ear plans on hold

Engadget: You may remember our brief run-in with 50 Cent back at CES, where he announced a partnership with Sleek Audio for Sleek by 50, a pair of "wireless hybrid" headphones with built-in Kleer technology.

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fatstarr4530d ago

probably did a swat analysis and saw that beats already got the gullible/casual market they were looking for


Sleek by 50 Cent Platinum headphones announced, invites Beats to a showdown

Engadget: It's official. The cans we saw teased earlier in the week have just been made official by Sleek Audio and Curtis Jackson (otherwise known to the world as 50 Cent), with the rapper himself dishing out cash and input to make it happen. We're told that they were designed by 50 and engineered by Sleek, and are the first headphones ever to offer 'Wireless Hybrid' technology with military-grade metals.

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Sleek Audio teases wireless headphones, 50 Cent provides inspiration

Engadget: What's this? Wouldn't you like to know. Now that Dr. Dre and HP have teamed up to strike gold in the consumer audio space, it looks as if Sleek Audio is doing its darnedest to replicate success. Sleek -- which tickled our ears quite pleasantly with last year's SA1 -- is apparently gearing up to unveil something special here at CES. Mum's the word on what, exactly, but judging by the image above, we're assuming it'll be a pair of high-end wireless (Kleer?) headphones with the backing of 50 Cent.

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