Mac Versus PC: The Slavery Of Fanboyism

An editorial exploring the genesis of fanboyism, and how fanboys are slaves to their own warped sense of self-identity.

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Bojangles3149d ago

What do you guys think of this? Only a couple people on N4G actually read the article (most of them just argued over platform, which is funny considering the content of the article). I thought it was an interesting look not just at the psychology but the philosophy of why fanboys do what they do.

Blacktric3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

I only think one thing; if I won't be able to play any decent games besides HL 2 and some other ones, I'm not paying 1000 dollar minimum to buy a Mac. I'm sorry but Microsoft is the winning company. Not because they're the smartest and have the best tech but because of the support at their back. You can use any kind of video and photo editor on Windows unlike Mac. You can play any game you want, as long as your system is good, on Windows. I've been recently thinking about the good parts of the Mac's and I only been able to found two things and nothing else.

1- Design and maybe quality (never had a Mac so can't comment on quality).
2- System requirements for Mac games are always identical (if you own the newer ones) since there aren't much variety in terms of hardware.

And that's it. Not just for a gamer but for a casual user, Windows is always the best choice. Mac's are just obsolote machines now. And I don't even want to start talking about the prices. Why would I pay 1000 dollar minimum to just to be able to play Plants vs Zombies and surf the internet? What is the point if someone else can do the same with a 300 dollar Windows PC?

iamnsuperman3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

"Mac's are just obsolote machines now"......I wouldn't say that but they do need to lower the price to become more viable.....This is the main reason for the amount of Apple Pc sold compared to PC.....Not everyone is willing to spend £600 plus on a basic PC.....My friend has a Apple laptop and he thinks its the best thing since sliced bread......I agree the software is quick and good but the actually specs of them are terrible in comparison to a normal laptop.....I bought a laptop for half the price with better specs ( not hugely better but still better) I do not hate apple because the do produce good products even though the are outrageously over priced.....The one thing I do hate about apple is their smugness. I know they are sitting on a fortune but it doesn't mean they have to be so smug (this came apparent when the Iphone 4 problems arouse and they said all phones have this problem)

Why o why3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Everybody is a fanboy, has fanboyish traits or has acted like one if they have a preference or express it. Call it self preservation, slavery whatever. We all prefer the things we use but thats not an absolute. We are humans and humans can change their opinions and preferences (defect even). What does that mean? Our preferences define who we are as individuals and groups...Nothing wrong with that. Maybe ive been programed to believe this but i find it very hard to trust people who cannot express some type of preference. We're told never to trust somebody with a mustache (not sure why) or somebody who doesn't support a team (football, basketball, political party whatever) Even parents have their favorites so why should people feel incumbent to the theory of neutrality or be 'straight down the middle' types who express very little. People who constantly sit on fences are annoying so I say be a fanboy or act like one. 50% of fanboy talk is just crap so dont get me wrong but there would be fewer discussions without some form of it according to this article anyway.