Pocket-Lint: Apple iPod touch 4G - First Look Review

Pocket-Lint: We knew it was coming and it didn't take a genius to figure out what was in store for the fourth generation of the Apple iPod touch. Having seen the changes to the iPhone 4, it was only natural to assume that the iPod touch would be getting the pick of the best parts. Pocket-lint was on-hand at the Apple launch and gave the new iPod touch a good going over during a hands-on session.

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A Top-Secret iPod Designed For US Government Fifteen Years Ago: Apple Reveals

in 2005, Cupertino adopted a "special assignment" to help the US Department of Energy in developing a top-secret iPod which had a special but hidden function.

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The original iPod had an Easter Egg accessed by holding down the center button

Released in late 2001, about eight months after the arrival of iTunes, the original Apple iPod music player featured a mini version of the game Breakout.

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The Rewound app will turn your iPhone into a spiritual iPod

Miss the days of the iPod? Want to turn your iPhone into one? That's possible with the Rewound music player app.

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