Corsair sails into gaming headset waters with noise-isolating HS1 cans

Engadget: For some people, the association of Corsair and quality PC components is so strong that they'd buy anything that bears the triple sail logo. It makes perfect sense, therefore, for the company that made its name by producing memory sticks to diversify its portfolio even further, this time into gaming headsets, with the introduction of the HS1.

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Where to buy Corsair MP700 Pro Gen 5.0 SSDs

We're showing you where to buy Corsair MP700 Pro Gen 5.0 SSDs in the US and the UK at the best prices available online.

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Corsair HS55 Wireless Gaming Headset review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "The Corsair HS55 Wireless Gaming Headset is a really decent value choice for those looking for a wireless headset with integrated Bluetooth. The signal stability, range, and great frequency response is something that I believe a lot of people will be really happy with. While they could be better when it comes to detail retrieval, for most people, they probably won't even notice."

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Corsair's first gaming laptop has a mini Stream Deck touch bar

It's also fully powered by AMD.

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