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560° Internet Explorer 9 Preview "After losing their early dominance in the industry, Microsoft is doing everything they can to rise to the top of the chain once again. With the release of Internet Explorer 9 imminent, we feel it's time to take a look at some of the new features which will play a large part in the structure of a browser looking to take advantage of improving technology."

CatGlue4982d ago

If they bundle it with an OS upgrade, and do CSS3 and HTML5 right, they will take over the world.

fatstarr4982d ago

yea you are right.
pretty scary.

tom0474982d ago

like the way theyre trying to intertwine it with hardware, but the interface does absolutely nothing for me. if microsoft are serious about this, they need to redesign the entire aesthetic components of it...there is some intangible sense of untidyness about the whole thing.

CatGlue4982d ago

Yeah totally agree, i can't find anything in that crazy "Ribbon" interface.

Pandemic4982d ago

Interesting preview, great work!

jerryhu4982d ago

That's really quick from IE6 to IE9

TheDarkGuyv3r4982d ago

Another argument I can make at work to convince the tight wads to upgrade to Win 7.

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