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BmR: Genius MaxFire Pandora-Pro USB Mini Gamepad Review

Benchmark Reviews: Games that require quick action such as platform games or puzzle games don't always work as well using a computer keyboard. Game pads feel much more natural when you are trying to defeat your opponent in a fighting game, or get to the next grueling level on a fast paced puzzle game. There are a variety of game pads, and Benchmark Reviews has tested many of these game pads over the years. Genius has provided Benchmark Reviews the Mini USB Maxfire Pandora Pro. This is a type of game pad that is often overlooked in this segment, a small and portable game pad. With features such as the ability to fold into a small package and turbo buttons, the Pandora Pro promises features from the larger types of game pads, but in a might more portable package. Read the full article on Benchmark Reviews to see if they can deliver.

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