Half a Billion Attempts to Infect Computers – in Just Three Months

The security company Kaspersky Lab has released a study in which they have measured the number of threats on the internet during the second quarter of this year. During this period, the company registered 540 million attempts to infect computers running any of Kaspersky Labs products.


Around 51% Remote Workers Are Using Work Devices For Watching Porn

Kaspersky stated in its new report that on work devices approx 51 percent of remote workers confess to watch content which is considered improper.

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Kaspersky halts Europe cybercrime work

The security firm halted the work after questions were asked in the European Parliament about its software.


Kaspersky: Yes, we obtained NSA secrets. No, we didn’t help steal them

Moscow-based AV provider challenges claims it helped Russian spies.

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