Bufalino Concept Car, An Apartment on Wheels

How much do you think you could fit into your car? With a little bit of industrial designing, quite a bit, it turns out. Designer Cornelius Comanns managed to turn a tiny three-wheeled car into a rolling home.

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fatstarr4328d ago

Really cool
Forget paying rent

It seems like 2 people can be in it at once vs 1.
also no bathroom?
and its for people with little possessions i guess if they wanted to use this as an apartment substitute. sorta.

GodsHand4328d ago

From homeless to Nomad.

I used to drive a tractor/trailer for a living, and I must say, this is pretty neat. The only part I have concern for is mainly the cooling, and heating. With a Tractor you could idel for days, use the truck stop for restrooms, entertainment, and showers. I would like to see this thing made, as to advance the design to have more funtionality, as compared to the prototype.

Cat4327d ago

3 wheels *and* a camper? I better see this on the next Top Gear series!

Syko4327d ago

Hmmm, an unknown drifter in my TechSpy's...
*Checks IP address and prepares Banhammer*

Oh, I mean...I love Top Gear ;)

4327d ago