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US Government Proves ISPs Lie about Bandwidth

If you're an average US broadband user, you've had internet access for 10 years, spend about an hour a day online at home, and are enjoying far less of the bandwidth your service provider promises you.

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fatstarr4855d ago

The way i thought of it was that most places where i downloaded from capped my internet download speeds. Because when i download big files from certain places i get under 1Mbps but other places its like i Just run rampant with multiple 1gig + files downloaded in under 2mins. I never got the whole internet speed things because its all a lie.

GodsHand4854d ago

Yeah, thats what I think too. I remember downloading music off an FTP, and I was d/l 1.5Mbs/s. At that time that was that fastest my ISP listed my d/l rate at.


OpenAI is allowing anyone to create their own ChatGPT chatbots - here's what that means for you

Rosa writes: "Here's everything you need to know about OpenAI's custom ChatGPT chatbots. Let's take a closer look at what they are and how to make them."

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Wazifa to Break Boyfriend Engagement and Marriage

Wazifa to Break Boyfriend Engagement and Marriage ,” Aasalam Alaikum, Are you looking for wazifa to break your boyfriend’s engagement or marriage? Is your boyfriend leaving you and going to marry a other girl? Is your boyfriend going to cheat on you and have a relationship with another girl? Do you want your boyfriend’s engagement or marriage to break? Well, you don’t need to worry about that because in this article you will find everything that you are looking for on the internet. Through this article, we will tell you how you can easily break your boyfriend’s engagement or marriage by using this powerful wazifa sitting at home. Boyfriend Ki Mohabbat Pane Ka Sabse Taqatwar Wazifa

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Cleer Arc II Sport Headphones Review - Hardcore Droid

All in all, I’m a fan of the Cleer Arc II.T They’re brilliant at what they’re advertised for: being the ideal running companion.

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