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US Government Proves ISPs Lie about Bandwidth

If you're an average US broadband user, you've had internet access for 10 years, spend about an hour a day online at home, and are enjoying far less of the bandwidth your service provider promises you.

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fatstarr4328d ago

The way i thought of it was that most places where i downloaded from capped my internet download speeds. Because when i download big files from certain places i get under 1Mbps but other places its like i Just run rampant with multiple 1gig + files downloaded in under 2mins. I never got the whole internet speed things because its all a lie.

GodsHand4327d ago

Yeah, thats what I think too. I remember downloading music off an FTP, and I was d/l 1.5Mbs/s. At that time that was that fastest my ISP listed my d/l rate at.