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Capcom and Facebook To Join Forces? Social Gaming Just Got Interesting

After a huge success on games like farmville on Facebook, another big company finds the idea of convenient, social gaming interesting and promising, except this company will bring games for the hardcore. Capcom the brain behind games such as; Street Fighter and Resident Evil are rumored to be offering free games of this caliber on Facebook, as early as next month according to a Japanese company by the name of Nikkei.

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I'm not sure this is right for Tech Spy, wouldn't it be better on N4G? Technically anything related to the Internet and gaming could easily fall under the category of technology, but since there is a site specifically dedicated to gaming... I think the story would do better there.

Not flagging, because as I mentioned technically this could fall under the category of technology... However, I do suggest that you would do better with your story on N4G.

fatstarr4664d ago

It would gain at least 300° on N4G but on techspy it will get our 2 comments + 1 or 2 others and maybe some spam.

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