The World's Worst PowerPoint Presentations

Convoluted flow charts? Tacky, out-of-focus graphics? Huge blocks of text? Welcome to PowerPoint Hell. Most of you have probably had to make a PowerPoint presentation, so you probably know the basic PowerPoint rules: Use a lot of bullet points. Don't overdo the text. Avoid multimedia excesses. Et cetera.


Meta Quest Isn't Just for Gaming as Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint Apps Arrive

Meta wants us to use Quest for more than gaming, introducing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps to aid our virtual workflows.

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Check out PowerPoint 2016's best new features: charts, effects and more

PowerPoint 2016’s changes include new transitions and charts, and some powerful new research tools. Other features may follow the Office 2016 trend of being individually subtle, but taken as a whole they add up to some worthy reasons to upgrade.

gizmig3018d ago

Never got the chance to use Power Point again after my college..:D

RetrospectRealm3017d ago

Unless you're in business or have a job where you have to present something, I don't see a reason why anyone would ever have to use PowerPoint outside of school. Lol

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gizmig3017d ago Show
gizmig3017d ago

Exactly! I don't have anyone or client to present any presentation.

RetrospectRealm3017d ago

Why did you commwnt this 3 times?


Microsoft declares war on boring PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations are the standard for presentations in the workplace. Except that they kind of suck — Jeff Bezos actually placed a blanket ban on PowerPoint at Amazon.com early on.

It's not really Microsoft's fault. PowerPoint gives you all kinds of templates and graphics tools, but all anyone ever uses is boring bullet points on a white background. Today, Microsoft is introducing a pair of new PowerPoint features, Designer and Morph, that make it a lot harder to create a boring presentation.

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