Mom arrested after posting photo of baby and bong on Facebook

A central Florida mom who thought it would be funny to post a picture of her baby with a bong on her Facebook page has been arrested.

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fatstarr3752d ago

What is wrong with the world
she did nothing wrong
it could be a glass vaselike bong that has never been used
it could be anything
what if it was a empty liquor bottle
or car keys
or a power cord. like jeeze people need to lighten up

NewNameNow3752d ago

I agree that people need to lighten up but that's a water bong for smoking. The little kids finger is in the bowl :P

Clever little tike knows how to clear it.

polarbear3752d ago

Charging her with drug paraphernalia makes sense, she did kind of put up a picture of her bong

GodsHand3751d ago

More money wasted on filling charges, when they could be making money taxing it.

3749d ago