Hulu, video-sharing rival to YouTube, may float

US video-sharing website Hulu is testing the waters for a Wall Street stock market flotation this autumn with a target valuation of $2bn (£1.3bn) that could net a useful financial windfall for its owners – News Corporation, NBC Universal, Walt Disney and investment firm Providence Equity.

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fatstarr4678d ago

Hulu is good but it cant beat youtube because youtube can be manipulated to the core to upload things and content that should not be there. Hulu is lame because you cant capture streams and some eps are only available out of certain shows. Overall though each has its pros and cons.

GodsHand4677d ago

I remember using this program 'streambox vcr' back in the day to record the file froma streaming website to my computer. I don't know if they are still around, and if it still works, but it was free. You could always try fraps, see if that works well enough on your computer, it records everything showing on you desktop.

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