Top 5 iPhone Rivals

In the world of smartphones, two distinct camps have started to form. On the one side, you have the infamous Apple devotees. These folks like having a simple, neat and tightly controlled user experience; they like what Steve Jobs hands them, and they're OK with doing things the Apple way.

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fatstarr3257d ago

Cant wait to see the next wave of phones.

naimatkhan3257d ago

Specially the dual-core chip phones coming in Q4 this year.

fatstarr3256d ago

Yes you all hit the nail on the head.
They should be faster than the computers from around 2000-2004
because they will have more ram and a dual 1ghz+ processor? or maybe they will be close in specs.

iblog3256d ago

It's raining Android :) They have an 886% increase and with HTC, Motorola and Samsung phones by their side -- manufacturing kickass handset -- Apple are losing ground.

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