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HTC Desire HD pops up on Amazon

ElectricPig: Whoa. The HTC Desire HD isn’t official yet – we’re not even certain that it’s going to be announced at next month’s mystery press event – but er, something called the HTC Desire HD is sitting on Amazon’s UK site already.

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iPhone 4 Vs HTC Desire HD. Which Makes A Better Skipping Stone?

NRM: "So we look at smartphone comparisons on Youtube, and they cover the usual suspects of specifications: camera, speed, build quality, etc. The last thing we (and probably you) expected to see was a test of just how well these handsets skip across a lake.

That's exactly what this Chinese fellow did on Youtube. "

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akaFullMetal4262d ago

The girl sounds so funny, haha

ChrisW4261d ago

It might have skipped better if he actually threw it like a skipping stone instead of a Frisbee.


New Update brings Sense 3.0 UI to older HTC phones

AppSplit: "HTC Desire HD and Desire S are receiving a new update by HTC in UK. Well, it is not an Android Ice Cream Sandwich update yet but the latest update brings the new version of HTC Sense UI."

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HTC Desire HD gets HTC Sense 3.0 Custom Alpha ROM

HTC may not be working on an official HTC Sense 3.0 build for the HTC Desire HD or any of their older phones, but the geniuses over at XDA-Developers have been able to transform the HTC Sensation system dump into a functional ROM.

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techprezz4551d ago

Due to the resolution discrepancy, anyone who flashes the ROM is not able to view the entire screen as widgets, icons, and even the launcher get pushed off the edge.