One Curve for Photo

Yanko Design: Hey all you photographers, get out of that camera box! Lemme show you something. This is a camera shape I’ll bet you a dollar you’ve not come across before.

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4945d ago

No Spokes Cycle

It seems like hardly a day passes, without yet another bike designer trying to reinvent the wheel. While most are little more than a designer's fantasy, some like this hubless design called the Lunartic actually make it to the working prototype stage.

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fatstarr4949d ago

Wow it looks so futuristic and the song just makes it really cool to watch.

GodsHand4948d ago

I wonder why he did not do the same to the front wheel as-well.

I can understand why someone would reinvent the wheel, but you have to also condsider the cost of manufacturing said product, and ease of use. While it don't look anymore difficult to use than a standard bike, I wonder about the easyness of changing out a tire, when the need arises. I hope they continue on refining the design, and it has a mass appeal to the enitre world.