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15 Surprising Facts about Wikipedia

Love it or hate it, Wikipedia seems to be an ever growing, increasingly popular fixture of the net. (And, it seems that many more people love it than hate it these days, except perhaps for a few junior high teachers and John Seigenthaler.)

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fatstarr5054d ago

wikipedia is the way to go for learning about things. usually if you take it as the first step it leads you down many other paths. so i say bla bla to all the teachers that say not to use wikipedia been gettin A's and B's on all my half ass work and they cant tell.

naimatkhan5053d ago

Yeah Wikipedia helps me alot on my school projects


WT:Social Will Be An Alternative To Facebook, Twitter: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales anticipates that ‘WT:Social’ networking and the program will be set off as another substitute to Facebook and Twitter to share the news.

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masterfox1668d ago

hell yeah another service to compromise even more your personal information, seriously from IT Engineer please use your brain a bit before sending your information to another unknown company.


20,000 Chinese writers will create their own Wikipedia competitor

"Our goal is not to catch up, but overtake."

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thorstein2598d ago

Make sure it only contains primary documents and it will be perfect. No need for the 20-30% of misinformation Wikipedia includes.


Turkey blocks Wikipedia over an alleged 'smear campaign'

Turkey just escalated its bid to silence online dissent.

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