How to Overclock the GeForce GTX 460

Is Nvidia's new Geforce GTX 460 the finest pixel pumper you can buy?

It's certainly the most cost effective performance graphics card of the moment. But did you know it has hidden performance reserves ready and waiting to be unlocked?

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fatstarr4999d ago

460 is a good card just like the 260
i will upgrade to the 460 when the 660 or the 860 comes out
what ever nvidia wants to call it.

MetalFreakMike4999d ago

I'm waiting for them to bring the temperatures down on their cards and also their prices. I like the benchmarks the new cards give off but I'm still going to wait for price drops and maybe if a better card comes out.

On A Side Note: Why does anyone barely comment on this site? I love this site with all the tech news but I do not see really any comments being posted. It really is a shame because the site looks dead without the comments.

fatstarr4999d ago

I try to comment a lot and spark interests with my varied opinions.
There is a lot of reading involved here vs n4g.
Im usually at work hahah :]

but on topic. I doubt the temperatures would go down that much on the cards maybe they will change the cooling like what asus did but price will drop once the next fermi chips come out.

MetalFreakMike4999d ago

I like Nvidia cards but they get too hot for my liking. I'm using a Radeon HD 5870 right now but down the line I want to get another Nvidia card. ATI has too many driver problems for me to want to stay with them.

xDaRkModEx4998d ago

I barley comment because I am still on a 8400 gs. :/ I'm waiting a lil bit more before I upgrade to a high end one.

fatstarr4998d ago

um i dont know whats the specs on your rig?
a new card might bottleneck it?

ChickeyCantor4998d ago

I hate PC gaming, but im still looking for components that will last me at least 5 years.
So how long will this card serve me?

fatstarr4998d ago

till 2012 because the gt_ 250+ cards are still kicking ass and taking names. even though i want a Nvidia 400 card badly i can wait untill i build my new rig hopefully some crazy mobos come along with dual cpu sockets for under 300. and they use some i7 that works in that config.

grumpysmurf4998d ago

Is this the card that had heating issues when it first came out?

TABSF4998d ago

GTX 460 is a Bad A$$ card

Best price to performance graphics hardware on the market

My 5850 cost me £260 where as I could get a GTX 460 for around £150 and the performance is so marginal on most games especially on these non-reference cards

Nvidia Gimped GTX 460 IMHO, they would of killed off the GTX 465 and GTX 470 if they allowed Quad SLi and dare I say GTX 480 because of power consumption and thermals.

GTX 460 SLi would cost around £290
GTX 480 would cost around £400

Basically GTX 460 pretty much walks GTX 465 and GTX 470 and GTX 460 in SLi will walk any GTX 480


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