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The Power of Graphics Processing Units May Threaten the World’s Password Security System

Georgia Tech researchers are investigating whether this new calculating power might change the security landscape worldwide. They’re concerned that these desktop marvels might soon compromise a critical part of the world’s cyber-security infrastructure - password protection.

fatstarr4681d ago

Imma throw that in my teachers face when he laughed at me 2 years ago.

12 corees and 4way sli/crossfire graphics cards can do some damage.

but thats only for like idiots

if you make a password which is like this or this
xU12vwJa973I642LGjrKaZx or xU12vwJa973I642LGjrKaZxU12vwJa 973I642LGjrKaZx
its gonna take a while to crack maybe decades.
lol always go for max char limit for things you care about.

GodsHand4679d ago

I do that, but not that random stuff. I go for the leet talk passwords. ex. IAMTHEBEST would look something like this 14mth383s7