5 Reasons AOL Should Have Quit a Long Time Ago

AOL, more commonly referred to as AO Hell, is one of the single worst service providers ever. AOL has been accused, and with good merit, more times then once, of collecting more then just passwords and billing information. This realization of just how bad AOL is came to Nicholas Ward when he was doing some maintenance on his aunts computer.

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fatstarr4796d ago

I only use it to keep some things around.

Myst4796d ago

Now would it be safe for me to say as to why I keep A'IM' :p? Either way I remember back in the days [god I sound old like that] in high school when I had AOL. Paid for it myself and thought it was pretty cool because everyone else had it as well. Then I think local company had a better broadband service or something and I just dropped it.

GodsHand4796d ago

I never got why some people insisted paying $20+ /month for the dial-up service. Was it really worth it to have access to people profiles for chating up locals. I payed half that for the same internet, and still got to chat with people using AIM, minus the AOL view profile. But know I enjoy broadband, and left that whole IM'ing thing only, and mainly use it for downloading, and playing games multi-player.

fatstarr4796d ago

times were different back then
when everyone was grateful for dial up. when the internet didn't exist publicly. I still have aol in case the world ends ill have dial up and + my prices are lower it barely costs more than netflix.

romalias24796d ago

haha well if the world ends... I'm not sure what good Dial up is going to be ;)

MetalFreakMike4796d ago

AOL sucked back then and still sucks now. I canceled my account with them years ago and I had to explain to them why I did not want to use their service anymore. I threatened to kill them in their sleep if they did not turn my account off like I asked since they thought they had me by the balls and I had no choice but to keep on using them. They turned it off and told me I had problems but at least I had it turned off :).

fatstarr4796d ago

I got my prices lowered lol its almost free basically for me.

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